Argon welding in Kiev

Argon welding (Kiev) is one of types of arc welding performed with the use of inactive gas argon.

Such welding has wide technological capabilities and is distinguished by high quality, strength and clean welded seams ensuring complete leak-tightness and durability of the welded structure. Argon welding allows to complete the full range of welding works with such metals as stainless steel, cast iron, titanium, copper, silumin, duraluminum, zirconium, magnesium, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. But most widely it is used for aluminum items.

Argon welding in KievDepending on the level of automation and mechanization argon welding in Kiev can be:

  • hand Ц blowpipe is moved by hand;
  • mechanical Ц blowpipe is moved by hand, while wire is fed mechanically;
  • automated Ц blowpipe is moved and wire is fed mechanically, the welding process is controlled by the operator;
  • automatic Ц the welding process is controlled by a special mechanism without direct participation of the operator

Besides, depending on the thickness of the welded element or material of the element argon welding in Kiev can be performed by various methods. For instance, if the thickness is small, welding may be performed without filling wire by nonconsumable or consumable electrode. Everything depends on properties of the metal to be welded, which are the key factor when choosing the method of argon welding.

Argon welding in Kiev Ц durability, leak-tightness and reliability!


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