LLC TECHMONTAZHPROM-SERVICE (abbreviation: TeMP-Service) is a specialized construction and assembling organization that performs the following types of work:

1. Full range of works with argon arc and orbital welding:

  • Welding of industrial pipelines (water, alkali, 2, compressed air and the like) in argon medium;
  • Welding in argon medium with air feeding for high quality of internal weld and endoscope control, which is necessary for products pipelines in food and pharmaceutical industries;

2. Assembling of processing lines and equipment with further tie-in and connection to engineering services (water, air, vapour, ice-water and the like) and conveyors.

3. Production and assembling of metal works:

  • Platforms for equipment, stairs, gangways, sheds and the like.
  • Building frames of metalwork (walls and roof) with further profiled sheeting or encasement with sandwich panels;

*production is made both under customers drawings and with elaboration of technical documentation.

4. Production of non-standard items of stainless and carbon steels:

  • Tempering containers, mixers;
  • Cisterns;
  • Platforms, stairs and the like.
  • Assembling, set-up and repair of steam, hot water boilers and boiler-room equipment.
  • General construction works:

Erection of load bearing and enclosing structures for buildings and constructions:

  • foundations;
  • reinforced floors;
  • walls;
  • roof;

Assembling on-site utilities:

  • heating;
  • water supply and sewerage systems;
  • gas supply and gas equipment;
  • ventilation and air conditioning;
  • electric power supply, electric lighting and the like

Protection of structures, equipment and networks

  • hydroinsulation;
  • thermal insulation;
  • anticorrosion treatment.

7. Assembling off-site utilities:

  • natural gas pipelines up to 1.2 MPa;
  • gas pipelines SVG up to 1.6 MPa

8. Perform excavation works at the depth over 2 m and in the area of underground utilities

9. Work at heights, including on scaffolds, and automotive elevators

  • Lifting and rafting works.

10. All types of roofing.

The Company has everything necessary for performing such works, specifically:

I. Highly qualified workers with long working experience, who passed attestation in educational centers and have appropriate qualification certificates:

License: series 315428 valid since 20.04.2007 till 20.04.2012.

II. Required permits for beginning of works:

1. Permit 1030.08.32-45.21.1 for beginning of hazardous works, specifically:

  • Assembling, setting-up and repair of steam boilers with steam generation up to 20 t/h, vapor pressure up to 2.4 MPa and temperature up to 250 ; hot water boilers with heat generation up to 50 Gcal/h, water pressure up to 2.5 MPa and water heating temperature up to 150 ; vessels operating under pressure up to 2.5 MPa; steam and hot water piping of III-IV categories, reconstruction of boilers of DKVr and DE types;
  • Electric welding works (hand electric arc welding), including at assembling, repairing, production of elements of boilers and reconstruction of boilers of DKVr and DE types;
  • Works with the use of hand electric and pneumatic machines and tools;
  • Mechanical treatment of metals at production of elements of boilers.

2. Permit 1089.08.32-45.21.1 for hazardous works at assembling and repairing equipment of main production units in food, chemical, biochemical, petrochemical and oil and gas processing industries of the power complex, hazardous chemical substance pipelines, specifically:

  • Welding, gas-flame and soldering works (RDZ, gas);
  • Works with hazardous substances and inactive gases (steam, compressed air, argon, liquefied gas, oxygen, ammonia, alcohol, thermal oil of 3rd hazard class under GOST 12.1.007- 76);
  • Tests, setting-up, repair and maintenance of objects, equipment and linear sections of gas supply systems at natural gas pressure of 1.2 MPa, ZVG with pressure up to 1.6 MPa, gas equipment;
  • Tests, setting-up, repair and maintenance of objects, equipment and devices connected with the use, production, processing, storage or transportation of hazardous substances (except for substances of 1st hazard class under GOST 12.1.007-76);
  • Storage and use of pressure, liquefied, explosive and inactive gas vessels;
  • Performing gas dangerous works and works in explosive zones;
  • Applying lacquer coating, priming and putties on the basis of nitrocellulose enamels, polymer anti-corrosion insulation coating, joints of underground gas pipelines;
  • Assembling gas pipelines and buildings over them, gas equipment, ZVG vessels;
  • Works in wells, pits, trenches, foundation pits, bunkers, chambers, collectors, closed space (cisterns, boxes, fire boxes, pipelines);
  • Excavation works at the depth over 2 m and in the area of underground utilities;
  • Work at heights, including on scaffolds, and automotive elevators;
  • Loading- unloading works with the use of machines and mechanisms (rented);
  • Lifting and rafting works;

III. Modern material and technical basis:

  • Professional electrical equipment BOSCH: perforators, pickhammers, swinging saws, corner abrasive machines;
  • Pipe cutting machines GEORG FISCHER used for assembling in clean areas at continuous production;
  • welding equipment for argon arc welding Fronius ;
  • welding equipment for argon orbital welding ORBIMATIC GmbH
  • scaffolding, ladders for work at heights;
  • lifting equipment: hand tackles, rack jacks, hydraulic jacks;
  • transport vehicles cars.
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