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City Milk Processing Plant 3 Wimm-Bill-Dann Ukraine

  • assembling equipment, piping of equipment (argon arc welding with air feed)
  • reconstruction of finished goods receiving bank production of the framework of the face wall of the bank and sandwich panels assembling
  • assembling of a clean room (workshop for curd bars production and pre-packing).
  • Assembling equipment, piping of equipment (argon arc welding with air feed) of the line Curd traditions, turnkey

LLC Air Compressors

  • Chiller assembling and piping
  • Compressors assembling and piping
  • Production and assembling high pressure pipelines general pipeline system of 40 bar for air feed from compressors to blowing machines (plant of Foreign company Coca Cola beverages Ukraine Limited)

OJSC Ukrplastic

  • construction of the workshop from the ground from the foundation pit to performing and assembling of metal works for the building frame (=25 m) with further cladding with sandwich panels and built-in bituminous roofing
  • assembling metal works for the automated finished goods storehouse. (Supervised installation by Japanese company Cumitomo)
  • general construction works (disassembling brick walls)
  • assembling oil pipelines.

LLC SC Johnson

  • assembling equipment and liquefied gas pipelines.

LLC Milk House - Funny (Pavlograd)

  • reconstruction of the plant full production cycle from milk acceptance to packing finished products assembling of equipment, piping of service areas (argon arc welding with air feed), (Supervised installation by the French firm Steap Stailor )

STC Plazer

  • piping of installations for steam plasma processing of medical wastes: assembling gas pipelines, water cooling and soda liquor circulation pipelines.


  • feeding hoppers production and assembling
  • transporters assembling
  • production and assembling of metal platforms for equipment.

CJSC Kiev Vitamin Plant

  • arranging steam heating
  • repair of heating pipeline

Foreign company Coca Cola Beverages Ukraine Limited

  • production and assembling pipelines for service areas and product pipelines (argon arc welding with air feed)
  • production of metal works of various complexity for equipment and their assembling
  • bottling lines equipment assembling and piping
  • production and assembling of a platform for ventilation equipment
  • production and assembling of metal works ( building frame ) for further cladding with sandwich panels, assembling of a platform for ventilation equipment.
  • Juice and fizzy water bottling equipment ( Sidel firm) assembling and piping (argon arc welding with air feed)

OJSC K. Marx Confectionary Plant of Kiev

  • Lines assembling
  • Equipment assembling and piping
  • production and assembling flanged product pipelines - pipe in pipe
  • production and assembling of metal - work platforms of various complexity
  • installation of platforms on the grounds, roofs and walls of buildings, at various heights.

Reconstruction of the ammonia compressor unit, Kharkov

  • General construction works.
  • Production and assembling of metal works for service platforms for evaporating condensers and vessels, heat insulation of heat exchangers and vessels.
  • Production and assembling of a cold water accumulating tank V= 200 m3.
  • Assembling of the ammonia compressor units, pumps, vessels, plate type heat exchangers and their piping with industrial pipes with pressure up to 18 kgf/cm2
  • Complex works for electrification and automation of the installed equipment.
  • Heat insulation of pipelines, vessels, plate type heat exchanger, cold water accumulating tank with flexible foam with further galvanized steel sheathing.

Gas supply to the boiler room of the warehousing complex of LLC Company ʻ along a by-pass road, 68 to Brovary, Kiev oblast.

Full range of works for LHCG supply to the boiler room of the warehousing complex, like:

  • General construction works
  • Assembling automatic fire-alarm system, gas contamination alarm
  • Electrochemical protection system assembling
  • Automation
  • Assembling of a reservoir unit LHCG (2 LHCG cisterns with V=25 m3 with their hydroinsulation).
  • Piping of reservoir unit, receiving station and regasification station with pipes of 1.6 MPa

OJSC Kievmedpreparat, Pharmaceutical corporation Arterium

  • Assembling of utility networks (aseptic pipelines) in the injectable preparation shop and solid forms department by argon arc and orbital welding with air feed (water - purified, injection, line of compressed air and the like)
  • equipment assembling and framing with utilities
  • production, assembling and insulation of a heat exchanger in the solid forms department

LLC Zirka Bukovelya

  • Assembling LHCG, gas pipelines of high pressure (1.6 MPa) and low pressure (0.005 MPa) turnkey
  • LHCG cisterns assembling and piping

Bila Tserkva Milk Processing Complex

  • Processing line (serum) installation with connection to utilities

UE Vyshnevskteploenergo

  • capital repair of boiler -30
  • capital repair of boiler -30

BAFP Slavutich

  • General construction works
  • repair of offices turnkey
  • assembling and connection of the fire pipeline system in the finished goods storehouse
  • production and assembling of enclosing structures (safety defenses and the like)
  • replacement of double-pane units in the bottling department and installation of stationary external aluminum louvered grilles

LLC Tambrands-Ukraine

  • connection of compressors to the compressed air system in PPL department of pads production
  • conditioning and ventilation systems assembling
  • compressed air production lines piping with the use of argon arc welding
  • assembling pipelines of the heating system with further insulation and commissioning turnkey

JSC Galichpharm
Pharmaceutical corporation Arterium

  • Assembling of utilities (aseptic pipelines) by argon arc and orbital welding with air feed (purified water, clean steam, compressed air lines, nitrogen and the like) turnkey
  • Framing with utilities of treatment tanks for syrups and solutions

OJSC Pharmak

  • Framing with utilities of equipment
  • Disassembling of clean rooms in the shop 4, pills section
  • Disassembling and assembling of processing lines in the Corvalol section
  • Transfer of Italcom lines (disassembling and assembling) in the shop 1
  • Reinforcement of load bearing structures in and
  • Assembling of utilities in the soft forms department.
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